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Ramai yang masih Ragu-ragukan, betul ke PB Corset neh boleh kuruskan badan ala2 'hourglass'???
Yes, tidak dinafikan PB direka dengan rekaan ciri-ciri 
bentuk badan yang semua wanita idam-idamkan.

'berapa lama baru boleh berkesan?'
lagi satu persoalaan yang orang selalu tanya... 
bila orang tanya, ika akan jawab 'bersusah dahulu bersenang kemudian'... hehhhe
tiada satu benda kat dunia neh yang kita pakai even produk kecantikan or whatever la... kesan dia dalam masa sehari.... 

Tak nak cakap banyak, mohon jeles dengan gambar-gambar ini...
pakai sekarang 2 tahun kemudian body cantek, tapi kalau sekrang masih dok fikir, 
then 2 tahun akan datang masih dok fikir... orang dah nun jauh ke depan dah kak... :)

ini kak Saf, even kak saf pun pakai dari tahun 2013, di ulang.. TAHUN 2013..
pakai dengan konsisten baru dapat body hourglass ...

ishhhh.. siapa tak tergugat, dulu badan macam drum dah transform hourglass!!!!
jeles Tak???!!!

pakai baju besar buat apa pakai PB??....
sampai bila awak nak simpan lemak segala penyakit dalam badan tu???
meh kurangkan lemak sekaligus sihatkan badan, baru la badan boleh pakai sampai ke tua... hehehehe

ini plak kak Mel.. mcm modeling pon hado kan... tengok beza tangan dia... 
tak ke jeles neh??? haaaaiiihhhhhh...

Ramai jugak yang masih tak tahu, Corset Premium beautiful neh boleh menaikkan seri wajah selain memberikan kesihatan dan kecantikan. ni disebabkan SISTEM di dalam setiap benang Premium Beautiful melancarkan peredaran darah ke seluruh badan termasuk ke muka. so jangan heran orang yang pakai PB neh nampak Awet muda je... (tu pun kalau rajin pakai secara konsisten)... :)

 With Love, 

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"Sharing 2 pics as I receive more news of a beloved relative and a friend facing breast cancer. Isn't it an insidious disease and just rears it's ugly head from nowhere!
But every cloud has a silver lining, as they say. Alhamdulillah 5 years on, I am thriving and super blessed to have seen my eldest two graduate and start wonderful careers and the younger two off school into uni. Some of the things I have done to get better include putting on this amazing Far-Infra-Red (FIR)lined corset for at least 8 hours a day.
No I am not saying it's THE cure, but honest to god, it has helped my healing. Why?
1. After 8 rounds of toxic chemo, 35 delibitating radiotheraphy sessions, my breast area skin was dry, sore n almost a burnt hue. After putting on the PB corset for 6 months the radiologist at my follow up mammogram commented how clean n soft my scar tissue n skin had healed. No doubt in part due to the FIR concentrated area on the PB brassiere cup. FYI after rads, we are discouraged from applying lotions to these raw areas.
2. As cancer cells love cold bodies, wearing the FIR corset helps to regulate my body temperature and keeps me warm. We can't fathom living without our aircon offices, bedrooms and cars, but cold environments serve more harm than good. So wearing the PB corset is an antidote as the FIR regulates my body temp and keeps me warm. Yes, zap those cells!
3. Cancer cells also thrive in oxygen-free environments. So I even put on the corset when I run or exercise. Besidesthe support it provides; double whammy as the FIR promotes blood circulation and enhances oxygen levels. Cancer cells hate this smile emoticon
Of course my healing has been enhanced by many other methods. Will share more. But have faith, do everything in your power to create a healthy, meaningful, stress-free lifestyle. Not impossible, just do it


There are heroes all around us, inspiring us as they battle other enemies besides wars—like cancer, as an example— to survive and thrive have equally inspiring stories of gallantry in the face of death. The inspiration happens anytime courageous souls face adversity, both the ones who overcame it and lived on and beautifully those who faced that same adversity and did not.

Soraya, is one such inspiring person. She had her bout with breast cancer a number of years ago, overcame it, and did something else as remarkable. Soraya’s own battle and personal experience and story compelled her on her mission and life’s work: to empower all women who would be facing this same issue to have a solid plan and opportunity to be fully armed to battle this enemy, and beautifully survive—not just overcome cancer, but to beat cancer.

She took all the helps that she can get. This includes putting on Premium Beautiful Lingerie which has Infrared Rays, it may not be the sole item that cure the cancer, but it helps to keep the confidence and stamina on someone who needs that extra strength, emotionally and physically.

 With Love, 

©© Zulaikah Aman  ©©

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